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I can’t be this….

August 11, 2010

I was away from blog for various reasons.. but today I just left everything and started writing. May be it shook me!

As usual, I was driving to office and as usual was cribbing about hell lot of traffic and rash driving! I just cant see people so indifferent towards other fellow beings!!  Anyways, I had to reach office on time.  Those who stay in bangalore and commute via Marathahalli will know.. what happens when the light goes green on the signal.

Light went green at that signal and I too rushed! Suddenly in front of my eyes, a motor biker hit a cat on the road and the cat jumped high to land on the middle of the road, screaming and struggling for life! I was just next… by the time, I realized what is happening.. I had crossed the spot! I was moving.. I could see the cat struggling for life and other cars kept on going over it….. !!!!  I did not stop! I did not stop!  I do not care that the person on bike who hit the cat did not stop.. I do not care that the person inside car who again ran over it, did not stop.. I do not care who did not stop..  but I hate myself today that I DID NOT STOP. I didnt help the dying cat.

I cant be this…..!! I can’t be this inhuman! I am sorry.  I could not think of anything else till now. I just left everything and started writing…  And promise myself that this was the last time.. I was so inhuman.  I can’t be this…! I am sorry.


Wordless Wednesday

July 14, 2010


Weekend-ulgence 2

July 10, 2010

In continuation to Weekend-ulgence 1,

Since we had seen Yercaud before, we decided to just chill and relax this weekend 🙂 Darshit loves to relax and so this weekend was dedicated to him!  And what else can be the best place than Sky Roca, Yercaud!

Yes! Undoubtedly the best place in Yercaud.  It is cozy and is snuggly settled on the 20th hair pin bend of Yercaud. 

I do not think you need to go out of Sky Roca to see the beauty of Yercaud.  Sky Roca gives you the most mesmerizing view of this beautiful hill station which can hold you there for hours and days together.  

Sky Roca is built on the 20th hair pin bend with all the balconies of the room facing the valley.  You feel like a speck on the top standing tall to touch the clouds that welcome you the moment you enter your balcony.  And you are left speechless.



 Mornings are so beautiful with sun shining through the shallow layer of mist spread over the valley that you just want to sit next and read 🙂

Evenings are equally mesmerizing with golden rays peeping from clouds and you just wish time comes to standstill at that  very moment.

Night falls over the valley with equal grace and charm and colors you blue as you stand there!

A raw freshness, slight drizzle, sparkling rays, blue twinkling sky and humming breeze just leave you speechless!

You cannot ask for more. 

But there is more… The rooms are equally spacious and comfy and food is one of the yummiest I ever had.

The staff is very cordial and will make you feel home in this beautiful abode.

Though initially against just relaxing on weekend, I had no regrets following Darshit blindly 🙂

We returned home smiling en route the same roads with the same flowers waving us as we passed by them 🙂

Fitness Quotient!

July 7, 2010

“I will cycle for atleast half n hour today.”
“I will pakka do yoga tomorrow morning.”

Sounds similar??? 😀

I keep promising all this to myself. Every night and morning, I will keep postponing. Once in a while, I do follow what I say but then its once in a while!! I wonder is this my problem alone??? I wish not 😀 😀

But I remember when I ran majja run this marathon, I was elated to complete it. I was beaming with energy. But then.. that was a different story and when you are alone.. who runs? who jogs?? You just plan 😀 But when you are in a group.. you are so motivated 🙂

So, I thought.. thought and thought! And then ‘bulb’. Why not have a online space where we can share whatever that little bit we did for ourselves, to keep ourselves fit in a day 🙂 May be.. you can motivate others too 😀

And so I created a twitter list One more effort to keep self motivated and fit 😀 Do you think it will work??? No harm in trying na 🙂

Weekend-ulgence 1

July 3, 2010

Yes, it was Darshit’s idea to just go and relax and indulge and enjoy this weekend. We both had hectic weeks for a long long time now and I was ready for any kind of break. BUT when he told “Yercaud”, I didn’t give a welcoming nod to his suggestion! I thought….. paused….and then again thought spending money to visit the same place again?? “NO!”, I replied.

But he somehow convinced me.. thats not a tough thing anyways 🙂 And I was just happy to get off my office work! Yercaud is 3.5 to 4 hours drive from Bangalore. We planned to leave on Friday morning and return Sunday evening. As per Darshit’s plan, we would go to the best hotel in Yercaud, travel least, no sight seeing but just relax, rejuvenate and refresh self. I mean… I never had such trip to any place. (just relax????!!!!).

I got up Friday morning and with blurred vision saw clock striking 7! I mean.. we were supposed to leave at 7, didn’t we? I asked Darshit who was still lying like a statue next to me! I shook him up…. he moved a bit! I shouted.. its 7!!! He jumped out of bed. We were yet to pack our stuffs 😀 I started groping for bag and my clothes. But wait…. where is Darshit??? Oh god.. where is he??

I go to the next room to find him ransacking all his jholas (bags). “What are you searching for??”, I asked. “Searching for a good music CD.”, He replied with that childlike look. I didnt say a thing. I knew he knows it best. I got back and packed everything.

We left at 8:30 A.M. Not bad 🙂 Yes worse 😦 Its the start of peak rush hour… we had to fill the tank, check air pressure but first find a petrol bunk on our way. Grrrrrr……!! Why the hell, we got late?? I looked at Darshit. He pulled the CD case and gave it to me. “Relax, we are here to enjoy this weekend.” He replied and asked me to check the music CDs (which he found after emptying 10 bags all over my bed!!). I opened a CD case and jumped on my seat!! “Thup!” fell a bottle from behind, may be it also jumped in excitement. The CD case had one of those CDs which I had written almost 4 years back just before our marriage 🙂 And the first song started “Aur Ahista kijiye baatein……” yuhuuuuuuuu I was on a roll 🙂

I still wonder.. but that day, we didnt face much traffic and reached NH7 highway on time. Driving on roads to Yercaud is a sheer pleasure. The roads are of international standards and like a proud Indian… I clicked plenty of photos.



“Gori teri aankhein kahen..” started with resounding music and added its magical effect to our drive. After completing two hours on road, it was now my turn to take over the stearing wheel. Darshit was almost dozzing! (after all, he got up sooo early in the morning :P). “Dil ne tum ko chun liya hai….” and I started driving.

I should correct my statement here. The roads are not of international standards but you can find such roads only in our India. Wow! There were some amazing flowers on the dividers.  Pink, yellow, white, orange flowers…… touching my car as it past by them 🙂

“Tune o rangeele kaisa jadu kiya…..” and I was completely lost.  Wide roads, villages and mountains on the sides, flowers in the middle, songs of our choice and I felt dreamlike.  And I really started dreaming.. what if Darshit plucks one of this flower and offers me… I smiled and looked on the side. He was fast asleep!!!!!!!! I frowned and grumbled. I no longer liked those flowers touching my car.. I stopped music. I stopped dreaming. His head fell on my shoulder… he was still asleep. I smiled. I no longer wanted that flower 🙂

PS: Part 2 once I come back to Bangalore 🙂

Wordless Wednesday 2

June 30, 2010

Emergency in the History of India!

June 27, 2010

I love to read history. Rather I should say I love to feel it. When I went to Egypt, I could sense a connectedness with the people of that era. I touched the pyramid stone and felt I touched those people who made it possible.  Yeah yeah.. not soooo sane but I am just fascinated by it. 

And lately, I was really happy to own a book by Khushwant Singh. Co-incidence is that I picked up this book on 25h June (exactly 35 years after Emergency)!!

The book gives a firsthand insight into history as he was very close to events happening then.  It is a collection of essays and profiles and one of the essay explains the reasons for emergency in India on 25th June 1975.  Some secrets unveiled by Khushwant Singh at his  unadulterated best.

I know emergency has become synonym for obscenity considering the colossal impact it had on India.  But this book shows the reasons in different light. To quote few –


Emergency was started to curb the coercion and violence spreading like fire in the country. It was started with the sole intention to bring little peace in the riot vulnerable country.  And opposition parties were igniting people to avenge more with the hope that such conditions will dethrone Indira Gandhi from power!

Initial few days, emergency was well accepted as there were no strikes or hartals, schools and colleges re-opened, business picked up, buses and trains began to run on time. BUT the reason behind the disaster was the administration running emergency! Sanjay Gandhi along with his kitchen cabinet comprising of his wife (Menaka Gandhi and his mother in law), old family retainer Chacha, Navin Chawla, Kishan Chand (who later ended his life by jumping into well), Jagmohan, who was put in charge of clearing slums with ruthless zeal and two pretty women, Sanjay had an eye for pretty women.  Also he was more comfortable with his in-laws family than his own family!

For many months, this coterie ruled the country. Anyone who crossed their paths was promptly put behind bars.  There was not a squeak of protest. Emergency which was to restore peace and harmony in the country became a lethal weapon in the hands of  Sanjay and others.

Arbitary arrests, the ruthless way Jagmohan bulldozed slums in Delhi made people believe whatever they heard. Nobody verified the facts. Not everything which was spread (could have been by opposition) was true!!  Long before the Emergency was lifted, it had lost public support. The Emergency, which was well received when it was imposed, and even justified by a sage like Acharya Vinoba Bhave, was distored later to take out personal grudges!!

There can be other occasions when we need to bring our country back on track… but making sure we do not redo mistakes made in 1975-77! 

Many a times, I am tempted to ask.. could emergency have saved some lives in Gujarat riots????