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U and I in this beautiful world…..

February 21, 2010



I am banned from petting dogs. You know why?? Because Darshit believes that if I get a dog inside our house, I will hardly get time for anything else and dog will replace Darshit !!! Wait! Hold onto your thoughts! It simply means that the pup will become my world with hardly any space left for anyone 😛

Now what can I say here? Darshit is so very correct! Even I refrain from petting a pup. But what if a pup comes to me? Oh god!! I will jump and embrace it.. yes.. there is no second thought about it! And this is what happened one day.

The way to my house is via HAL Museum road. A convoluted broad road with no speed breakers. Needless to say, I was going on high speed on that road. For a second, my car could have skidded on the turn. A very small pup that might have just learned walking was crossing this road at its most convoluted turn. I lost my breath for that second. I could have rammed it. Oh please! The pup was saved and I was back on my way. But wait! How can I leave such a small cute little pup all alone? What if somebody else runs over it? NO.. God No!! Immediately I was taking U turn.

The moment I reached the spot, I found a two wheeler screeching to halt just few inches away from the pup. The pup was just too small to be noticed from distance. The two wheeler rider took the pup and placed it on the so called pavement. I got relaxed. Huh! The pup was safe. I again took U turn to start my way back. But the pup was just soooo very cute and innocent. It had already started crossing that road all over again. I just couldn’t resist. I just wanted to cuddle it in my arms. I had to stop. I parked my car on the side of the road and took the pup and left him again on the side between the stones. And this time, the pup managed to jump over the stone walls to follow me. My heart melted. I had decided.

But I did not want to give shock to Darshit. I called to ask his permission and said “There is a very sweet, cute little pup all alone on this highway road with no one to take care, I am getting it home! Thank you soooo very much for agreeing!” Yuhuuuu… the pup was sleeping on my purse on the next seat of my car! I drove car with one hand as my other hand was on the pup 🙂

But I forgot about one thing. There are many stray dogs in my lane who kind of know me 😛 I mean there is nothing wrong in being friend with stray dogs. I never invite them inside my house. A strict NO! Darshit never allows 😦 But then even dogs are like us. They never like to see uninvited guest in their area. And my little pup was going to become that uninvited guest. The pup had just entered inside the gate of my house and all the dogs started intimidating this little one. I knew I made a wrong decision to get this little one here. These stray dogs will kill this pup. I gave some milk to the pup and with heavy heart decided to take it back!

Darshit accompanied me. By now, he has got used to all this! And this time, the pup slept in my arms 🙂 We got back to the place with no one to be seen except racing cars! I saw one HAL building in the vicinity. We went there. I requested the security guard of the building to take this little pup inside. He roughly denied!! “Shameless fellow” I murmured. I left the pup near the building and started walking back. When I saw, another security guard taking the pup inside the building. I ran to him and narrated the story. He said “No problem, Thank you!” And took the pup along with him. I felt so relieved and happy to see the pup safe.

I cried on my way back 😦

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  1. Anny permalink
    February 22, 2010 4:12 am

    hey thats very sweet of you…I still remember how much you enjoyed playing with few dogs in coorg 😀

  2. Brijesh Gajera permalink
    February 22, 2010 4:48 am

    Looking at the number of dogs at your door, I sometimes want to say – Beware of Dogs! Vineeta has an army of them 🙂

  3. Mohan permalink
    February 22, 2010 6:27 am

    That was so touching Vineeta! I am glad you made it a point to stop your car and care for the pup, not sure how many of us would do that given the kind of mechanical world we live in!

    Though I love pups, i had to give up my love towards them atleast at home because of few incidents in my childhood. That gives me a new idea to post something interesting.. Thanks for the thought 🙂

  4. R. Ramesh permalink
    February 22, 2010 6:31 am

    poor guy darshit..what all he has to grin and bear..hehe..hey jus joking pat for you for your good work..god bless u…

  5. lostworld permalink
    February 22, 2010 8:10 am

    Hats off Vineeta:-) I could never do what you did as I am scared of all animals..even pups & kittens (Yeah I’m sure its some inborn problem).

    Cute story..& pls continue the service.

  6. Vipul Grover permalink
    February 22, 2010 10:42 am

    Sho shweet.. evn i hd sch an encounter with a dog once.. though it remained with us for quite sum time..
    nd evn i cried wn v hd to leave it sumwr as it was crating nuisance for our neighbours..

  7. Yogesh permalink
    February 22, 2010 3:29 pm

    Kudos and hats off to u vins…
    u indeed have a vry big heart re…
    ab to tumse milna padega…lols..

    u did wat u cud do best dear…
    so just cheer up…
    all iz well…

    the world is actually this brighter with the presence of people like u…keep it up….may God help u in whatever u wanna do…

  8. R. Ramesh permalink
    February 22, 2010 5:10 pm

    ya try sirshashan….best wishes..heheh

  9. Dhiman permalink
    February 24, 2010 9:59 am

    That was really sweet of you to bring the pup back home… Though I am not a ‘dog lover’ but still I like puppies but the moment they grow-up they are a strict no-no 😛

  10. March 28, 2010 12:42 pm

    Sweet and nice Vineeta.

  11. September 16, 2010 6:26 am

    Very nice one …. I am inspired by your courtesy … Keep doing good works … May god be with you …

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