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One more Afghanistan in the making!

May 29, 2009

Multiple bombs exploded in two Pakistani cities on Thursday, May 28 2009, just hours after Taliban groups warned people to evacuate several large cities, saying they were preparing “major attacks.” Hakimullah Mehsud, a young Taliban commander said “This was a response to Pakistan’s military campaign against the Taliban in Swat, an area northwest of the capital.”

I am sure that you would have heard of this news. But do you know – “This is the 8th terror attack in Pakistan in the year 2009 and the bloodiest attack so far.”

For shopkeepers who had seen their property destroyed in a similar attack in March 2008, on the Federal Investigation Agency, it was a case of déjà vu.
Muhammad Jibran, a tailor, estimated that the cost of his wrecked windows and appliances would come to half a million rupees ($6,200). “The government promised us compensation last time,” he said, “but nothing came of it – we don’t have much hope this time.” And President Asif Ali Zardari again issued a statement condemning the attack and said his government remained committed to fighting terror.

I have major concerns here. This is not Afghanistan. This is Pakistan which is a nuclear-armed American ally. If Taliban is able to overpower this country, they will have access to nuclear arms!! And this should not just concern the neighboring countries but also the world. President Obama has taken few steps by asking China and Saudi Arabia to help Pakistan in fighting this insurgency. But I am still not very confident on the measures currently being taken, I still feel we need international aid and pressure both to seek some solution before it is too late!! I do not want to see another epicenter of terrorism.

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  1. Kumar Ahir permalink
    September 28, 2009 9:19 pm

    tht’s the fate of that nation !
    What you sow, you reap .

  2. Abhishek permalink
    September 28, 2009 9:29 pm

    I had similar nightmare about Taliban being our neighbor. But one has to look for geopolitical scenario of Pakistan which prevailed from the time of their independence before we point finger at the perpetrators. Pakistan was ruled 2/3 of times out of 60 years by military dictator and that’s only the stable government they had. Democracy is always imposed on Pakistan by international pressure and there was never a surge from within (people of Pakistan). This very fact makes it military based regime from bottom up. Even during rule of democratically elected government military hold the upper hand (remember Kargil). This basically is very flaw in their system as one ruler becomes single point of power for all the defense forces. My take on current scenario of Pakistan is that same repetitive cycle is going on where politicians have again become mascot of Pakistan where as military is running the country. I think world(specially US) is well equipped to deal with this kind of scenario as most of the time that what Pakistan fate had been. But this time there is third dimension to the problem and that’s were Taliban comes into picture. History of Taliban as most of us know by now is not alien for Pakistan or America because they were author of them. It is their own sown tree next to their house which has now so deeply rooted in their system that uprooting it is causing quakes in their own house. What’s most worrying aspect of Taliban is that it is like self infecting virus(something like skynet virus was in Terminator sequels). It is not headed by anyone and Laden legacy is growing faster then what he even planned. Destruction as the core of the terrorism which Taliban follows can only result into havoc and chaos and we will never like it to be next to us.

    With all the background and story what we as India should be doing? My Take 1) Don’t allow Pakistan’s army to divide with or against Taliban issue. Because if that’s the case biggest treat is not Taliban its Pakistan’s army. This has to be immediate task in hand for everyone. 2) There has to be social economical development in northern Pakistan specially near Tora Bora landscape where Taliban has their base and there has to be mind shift from Pro Taliban to against Taliban. Now this can be very long initiative which Pakistan and lots of country has to take.

    Questions we should be asking now as it is high time By not cooperating with Pakistan’s government are we strengthening Taliban or creating more divide between Pakistan’s military forces? Or we should extend help to Pakistan socially, economically and military wise too?
    By doing so we are not saving them but OURSELFS.

    Opps I have again gone distant sorry I had time and thought so just jot them down.

  3. Vineeta permalink
    September 28, 2009 9:37 pm

    Thank you Abhishek for giving it altogether a different perspective. We have become so anti-Pakistan that we never ever think of lending them a helping hand. There is no harm in trying out this option too. You never know what might work out in this scenario.

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