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December 28, 2007
Terrorists attack on our country every 2 months.
Pakistan is as always in denial mode.
Our strategy is to mountain diplomatic pressure on Pakistan by taking support of US and Europe. At the end US supports our statements that those terrorists are pakistani. Its really a moment of glory for us that US supported us !!!!!!! But when we get ready for the real action, US asks India and Pakistan to maintain peace.
One day pakistan govt says they didnt get any letters from Kasab, next day they say we got the letter but its not evident enough to prove that kasab is pakistani.
Pakistani govt says we will not allow Indain agencies to carry out any kind of investigation on our land, our agencies will inverstigate and that too only when we are convinced that proof given by india is evident enough (Which will never happen).
Pakistan accuses india of creating war hysteria and the internations community’s attention is turned towards the tension between india and pakistan.
Pakistan could not make any progress in the investigation of Bhutto’s assasination and J W marriot case and now they are saying they will investigate the case of Mumbai terror attack.
Our parliment debates over the new amendments and rules to fight against terror. Thank god finally we proposed a law to fight against terror. It makes our country theorotically terror proof, although practically our policement still get 8000 / month salary and only a lathi to fight against terror.
Yesterday newss channels were having special shows for the full day to salute to the heroes of 26/11. But today there is result of J&K elections, its a hung parliment so its an intersting situation there, hence J&K elections receive full attention and today there are shows on J&K elections by same hosts.
Probably the list above is enough to indicate what I’m trying to say…
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