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Cupshup @ IIM Lucknow

January 24, 2012

Incessant rains! It was past midnight! We, rajkumar (our cook), chotu (helper), our small cafe, dog and the rain, all were on their duties. Suddenly a 2Rs. coin fell in the pit! We tried to a lot to find but in vain. A sad tinge sank in. When did I ever count that 2Rs. in my pocket? I guess it took sometime to dawn upon me, running a business was a different ball game.

In no time, Cupshup, our small cafe in campus, became an integral part of our schedule in campus. More than subjects/classes, we awaited cupshup time! But I guess Cupshup taught us much more than what they teach you in the class. We learnt the theory in class and practical in cupshup ūüôā But how can I forget, the journey to cupshup was quite an adventurous one!!

It started when I joined this course. But it took 3 long months to just form a team which made Cupshup stand in campus. And once stood, it shook us all!! Accounting, Inventory management, Operational challenges, Organization behavior, Team dynamics, marketing funda, Crisis Management all of it in one Cupshup class!

It was that day of our life in Cupshup class when all four of us thought of an operational strategy which we felt was a¬†breakthrough¬†idea!! And hence we made all the arrangements, starting from getting coupons printed to enhancing the layout of our cafe, for seemless operations (making sure all food items were ready and properly displayed over counters). And then.. we waited! And.. we waited! May be, it was only us who thought that it was a breakthrough approach!! Nevertheless, we learnt it hard way that marketing also plays its role and the ROI can’t be deduced the very next moment! Our operational strategy worked eventually (WOM did its trick) and people started pouring in. And then there was no looking back…

We skipped classes, we ran in breaks, we took permissions from profs to leave classes early, neither quizzes nor exams could pull us away from cupshup. A customer delight made our day and a dip in sale stirred us! Cupshup made our stay very exciting. Finally after 3 months, Cupshup learnt to sustain itself!

 Then one day.., foggy wheather, early early morning, we, our small cafe and the dog were on duty. No, not our regular duty. Rajkumar (our cook) and chotu (helper) parted their ways. We were on our duty to hunt for new members for Cupshup!!

¬†How could we miss to learn crisis management?! So here we were, wondering what to do with worker’s unrest at cupshup making headlines in IIM L Noida Campus! ¬†But as I said,¬†exciting times always stay @ Cupshup and with the help of other stakeholders, Cupshup is back again!

Nothing compares to this experience on the field! And what better than running your own small cafe inside the campus!

Do visit this small cafe Cupshup @ IIM L Noida Campus ūüôā

Living it up!

April 29, 2011

“Trrrrnnnnnn….”, “Trrrrnnnnn….!”

I slapped the phone alarm. I somewhere felt that I still had some time left to get ready for the office. OFFICE?!!! My eyes gaped and mind went blank. Suddenly it dawned on me, I was in the college! Bed just threw me out in a jiffy and here I was, on my way to the class.

I had always dreamt to be part of this elite school of business and today I was. Galloping with happiness, I reached my first class. It was that first class and  then it is today (past 3 weeks), its really been a journey worth sharing.

Starting from the disparate mix of people in the class to seamlessly fitting faculty members, it has been an enriching experience of learning.  Thanks to the management accounting subject, suddenly the articles in the economic times are making some sense now! Not only are the articles but also those inquisitive questions which were never questioned earlier are getting raised.

Why is the GDP growing in tandem with inflation?

How much correct is our consensus data calculation?

How effectively can work be distributed in the teams based on the psychometric test feedbacks?

How risky are the businesses with high debt-equity ratio?

What are the various steps of an effective presentation?

How government tactfully handles some of the critical situations (Delhi-Mumbai Airport privatization)?

How one wrong marketing move in Archies business case affected their business?

It is not only the answers to many¬†such questions but also the work on in numerous¬†assignments, quizzes, guest lectures, clubs, committees, presentations and the list is on and on. ¬†Yes, you remember it right! It’s been only 3 weeks into the course. ¬†And this is just a trailer. Picture to abhi baki hai, mere dost!

“Trrrnnnnnnn…” “Trrrrrnnnnnn…” ¬†And the life @ IPMX ¬†goes¬†runs¬†on…………………………..!

A small blogging world!

February 21, 2011

I did not know but a small cheer was waiting for me in my office mail box! I have been following my one of the favorite blog buddy lost world for almost close to 2 years now. It was only last Monday when I got this mail from lost world, I came to know that she sits on the same floor as I do in SAP! What?!!! Yessssssss!! Can you believe this? Oh!, we both could not believe it! My goodness! I do not think anything can turn out as sweet as this encounter did!

I am just soooo sooo happy to find one of my virtual blogger friend in real. ¬†As she said “It was such a pleasant surprise to say the least…!!” Really, this blogging can make our world go so small ūüôā


Wordless Wednesday!

February 2, 2011

Munni ki Cycle

Chidiya – A Creative Venture! Stay tuned for more updates ūüôā

Truly Awesome!

January 18, 2011

The moment I saw this video on Mukesh’s blog, ¬†I knew I had to share it with my blog buddies.

The TEDx talk by WEBBY award winner for the best blog – Neil Pasricha. Simply Awesome!

IIM-L Calling….

January 5, 2011

Last few months have been a roller coaster ride for me ūüôā

In continuation to¬†my last post , to my amazement I got i/v call from IIM-B and IIM-L too (Now i regret that I missed IIM-A deadline). To be very frank, I never thought that my profile will get selected.¬†But then when I got the i/v call, I was just soooo happy that I didnt prepare for interview for quite sometime ūüėõ

Coming to ISB, IIM-B and IIM-L interviews, each one was an experience! Needless to say, ISB being my first interview, I did screw up. IIM-B was much better as I was able to answer some of the tricky ones too (atleast I thought so :P). And then IIM-L was little more better.

However in the process, I learnt how important it was to be concisely clear about¬†you and your goals and also very soon realized that it indeed was the most difficult part to know ūüôā ¬†Coming to results… it was quite disheartening when I was wait-listed¬†in ISB. ¬†And the worst part with ISB is that they do not given any¬†wait-list¬†number so I have nothing but to wait till March this year. ¬†I started loosing hope or rather should say that I became more impatient!

Then, within few days, I had i/v for IIM-B course. ¬†I mustered all hope and courage to face IIM-B. ¬†The i/v went good compared to ISB i/v and I was hopeful again (over-optimistic¬†me!!). But this hope was not to last long; IIM-B also¬†wait-listed¬†me. But this time I got wait-list number. I was @ 12. ¬†I found that last year, IIM-B cleared till wait-list 22!! And I was hopeful again ūüėõ But to my luck (yes my luck), wait-list crawled slowly till 8 and then didn’t budge! Again, I had my i/v for IIM-L course lined up in few days. I again mustered all my hope and courage to face IIM-L. ¬†And this time, the i/v was little more better. And i was hopeful again ūüėÄ

And to my luck, I got offer from IIM-L. ¬†And the cherry on the cake – D also got offer from IIM-L. ¬†So, I guess now i can connect the dots.. why was I¬†wait-listed¬†everywhere else ūüėÄ

However, lately i heard that IIM-B waitlist is going to crawl again. ¬†I really don’t know what is next but I am just thrilled and happy for now!


ISB, PSN and more!

September 28, 2010

“huhhhhhhhh!!!”¬† What a month!!!

Entropy was at its highest best in this month.¬† Had many rounds of hospital, real estate, MBA applications, office deliveries and the daily chaotic chores!!¬†Leave aside bad things, will talk only about good things here ūüôā

Yesssss.. Finally I bought a flat in Prestige Shantiniketan. It took 3 years to finally decide on one! Okay.. now dont be shocked. D is really an easy going person and he really went easy on this!! And the cherry on the cake – Prestige Shantiniken (PSN) public is organizing garba function and I am just going ga-ga about it.¬† There can not be anything soooo tempting to a guju than garba/dandiya nights ūüėÄ

Relax! I have to tell myself as I start doing garba just on the very mention of it ūüėõ¬† Second good thing, I got an interview call for MBA in ISB!!!!¬† I think the entropy is subsiding now ūüôā Last few months, I was quite busy and am still quite busy with application forms. For the benefit of those who do not know, what goes into an MBA application, let me tell you.¬† Leave all pandits, baba who ask you to introspect and focus on your strengths. Come to fill an MBA application form. You will know yourself in and out!!!¬† And will tired to review yourself atleast 10 times ūüėõ

Interview experiences are always worth narating ūüėõ¬† So, will be back again after my interview which is on this saturday itself.¬†¬†Fingers crossed!!!

I can’t be this….

August 11, 2010

I was away from blog for various reasons.. but today I just left everything and started writing. May be it shook me!

As usual, I was driving to office and as usual was cribbing about hell lot of traffic and rash driving! I just cant see people so indifferent towards other fellow beings!!  Anyways, I had to reach office on time.  Those who stay in bangalore and commute via Marathahalli will know.. what happens when the light goes green on the signal.

Light went green at that signal and I too rushed! Suddenly in front of my eyes, a motor biker hit a cat on the road and the cat jumped high to land on the middle of the road, screaming and struggling for life! I was just next… by the time, I realized what is happening.. I had crossed the spot! I was moving.. I could see the cat struggling for life and other cars kept on going over it….. !!!! ¬†I did not stop! I did not stop! ¬†I do not care that the person on bike who hit the cat did not stop.. I do not care that the person inside car who again ran over it, did not stop.. I do not care who did not stop.. ¬†but I hate myself today that I DID NOT STOP. I didnt help the dying cat.

I cant be this…..!! I can’t be this inhuman! I am sorry. ¬†I could not think of anything else till now. I just left everything and started writing… ¬†And promise myself that this was the last time.. I was so inhuman. ¬†I can’t be this…! I am sorry.

Wordless Wednesday

July 14, 2010


Weekend-ulgence 2

July 10, 2010

In continuation to Weekend-ulgence 1,

Since we had seen Yercaud before, we decided to just chill and relax this weekend ūüôā Darshit loves to relax and so this weekend was dedicated to him!¬† And what else can be the best place than Sky Roca, Yercaud!

Yes! Undoubtedly the best place in Yercaud.  It is cozy and is snuggly settled on the 20th hair pin bend of Yercaud. 

I do not think you need to go out of Sky Roca to see the beauty of Yercaud.  Sky Roca gives you the most mesmerizing view of this beautiful hill station which can hold you there for hours and days together.  

Sky Roca is built on the 20th hair pin bend with all the balconies of the room facing the valley.  You feel like a speck on the top standing tall to touch the clouds that welcome you the moment you enter your balcony.  And you are left speechless.



¬†Mornings are so¬†beautiful with sun shining through the¬†shallow layer of mist spread over the valley that you just want to sit next and read ūüôā

Evenings are equally mesmerizing with golden rays peeping from clouds and you just wish time comes to standstill at that  very moment.

Night falls over the valley with equal grace and charm and colors you blue as you stand there!

A raw freshness, slight drizzle, sparkling rays, blue twinkling sky and humming breeze just leave you speechless!

You cannot ask for more. 

But there is more… The rooms are equally spacious and comfy and food is one of the yummiest I ever had.

The staff is very cordial and will make you feel home in this beautiful abode.

Though initially against just relaxing on weekend, I had no regrets following Darshit blindly ūüôā

We returned home smiling en route the same roads with the same flowers waving us as we passed by them ūüôā